The Foundation of Lifelogixs

Little did I know that in these unprecedented times would I truly understand the guiding principles that Lifelogixs was created for and the Tenets that it embraces. I had originally intended to focus on platforms and processes that  that were essential to the transformation of the Advisor into a “Life Coach” but it was not till I had read this quote did it truly “evangelize” the experience that I was looking for.

This epiphany was from a highly regarded subject matter expert in the Financial Services Industry, whom I have never met with or had a conversation with, other then our virtual messages on Linked in. I recently sent him a message sharing how much he had an impact in the mission of my Strategic Consultancy group and the essence of what I believe in.

It goes without saying that my first post on the Lifelogixs Strategic Consultancy page is credited to John R.Crittenden, based on his January 15th,2020 quote: “The fintech platform that understands the holistic connections between financial wellness, physical and mental health, and individual happiness will win”.


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